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When one conjures up an image of the archetypal “beautiful woman,” a few common elements come to mind: a long and lean body, beautiful white smile, and long and luscious hair. While all of these are indeed attractive attributes, there are some women who choose to go a completely different style route when it comes to that last characteristic: their hair. The short, almost boy-like haircut has been around since the sixties. Whenever a gorgeous woman is bold enough to take the plunge, the results are usually stunning.
With that said, it takes a certain kind of woman to pull of the boy-short crop, and it’s not a look that everyone will find success in trying. Key elements that will undoubtedly help in pulling off the look are a good bone structure, a nice complexion, and a sleek and striking sense of style. In addition, those with an oval-shaped face tend to look best with a pixie cut. Here are our favourite oval-faced, short-haired women:
• Twiggy- The sixties supermodel was the one that started it all with her pixie cut at the beginning of her career. The androgynous look was not something that was considered beautiful before Twiggy pulled it off so well. Since then, the model has surely inspired loads of females to chop it all off.
• Natalie Portman- The Oscar-winning actress once cut off all her locks for a movie roll and, like most things that Natalie does, the results were stunning. While she no longer sports the look, Portman’s striking features and natural, minimalist look were the perfect compliment to a short-cropped hair do.
• Agyness Deyn- The supermodel is as synonymous with British fashion as she is for her tightly cropped and platinum blonde hair. Miss Deyn is known for taking risks, so it’s no surprise to us that she took the short-hair plunge early in her career. It most definitely paid off!
• Emma Watson- When the Harry Potter star was ready to ditch her most famous role of J.K. Rowling’s Hermione, she shed the one thing her character is best known for: her wild and unruly long hair. Watson’s move got a lot of attention, in a good way, and some even said that she resembled her famous short-haired predecessor, Miss Twiggy.

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